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Why study at Latitude Varsity?

  1. 25 years experience in Education & Training
  2. Full-time studies, Part-time studies, Online / Distance learning and Virtual training (Virtual training for students that can’t attend full-time classes.  They log in @ home on specific class time and can see, hear and participate as if attending the class.  Saves accommodation for students not in Cape Town and surrounding areas to have class in the comfort of your own home/office or wherever).
  3. Recognized by over 60 universities globally in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and USA (e.g. University of Wales, Nottingham, Birmingham, London, York, Northampton, Portsmouth, Sussex, Oxford Brookes University, Deakin University in Australia, Long Island University in USA etc.)
  4. Duration of international qualifications are shorter than normal.
  5. Benefits of a Global “Community” for students as they have local & international tutor support
  6. Access to overseas universities
  7. 6 months Foundation / Bridging programmes for students that do NOT meet the minimum requirements.
  8. Cheaper – Local tuition of International qualification means local costs not International costs
  9. Same qualification as students in UK, Australia, USA
  10. Enhance Career Prospects internationally
  11. Access to International Job Opportunities
  12. Graduates command higher salaries
  13. Exit levels at the end of each year.  Students get a qualification at the end of every level.
  14. Increased Job Opportunities
  15. Retain skills - base in country
  16. Solution for students who don’t qualify to study overseas (Finances? Visas? Culture Shock?)
  17. Subject knowledge and international principles put in a local context
  18. Quality assurance systems – qualifications are continuously updated
  19. Global experiences shared with students from around the world as students can interact via various social networking
  20. Practical and job relevant qualifications
  21. Independent academic boards
  22. Practical nature of programmes:
     Ability to apply theory in practice
    Communication, teamwork and problem solving globally
  23. We offer a Wide Variety of Short Courses and Workshops: [click here]
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