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Social Responsibility

• Marketing Scholarship

Latitude Varsity gave a very special person a Marketing Scholarship to complete his Diploma in Marketing in 2010/2011. Here are some latest developments with Sizwe Luzipho:

Sizwe's response letter: "I asked the Lord why He was punishing us so. I did not get an answer then, but thought that I was not going to give up again. I was going to achieve my goals, no matter what. Now I was going to do it for her and I was going to go full out. God’s answer came in the form of a scholarship that I received through the Christmas wish of KFM 94.5. They told Latitude Varsity about me .." [Read more]

A staff member at Latitude Varsity comments: "Sizwe is a very friendly person who is determined to make a success of his studies. He is quite a cool guy!"

One of Sizwe's lecturer comments: "It is great to have Sizwe in the class and he takes his studies very seriously. He puts in a lot of hard work and has a firm grasp of understanding the concept and the subject matter. A model student, to say the least."


• Latitude and Kfm's Christmas Wishlist

Every year 94.5 Kfm hosts a Christmas Wishlist where people can help make a special person(s) wish come true. This year's Wishlist tops previous years in heart-felt stories as well as the warmth and generosity of the giving communities and people from accross the Western Cape.

Latitude Varsity wants to give back to the community and was over joyed to help a remarkable young man in achieving his educational dream.

SIZWE'S STORY: "He was doing his daily homework and assignments in adverse circumstances. When it rained the roof leaked and sometimes poured onto his books and clothes and bed. They had no electricity and homework had to be done at candlelight and the settlement was too far for him to study at the library after hours..." [Read more]

Kfm - Christmas Wishlist (Sizwe Luzipho)

LATITUDE'S GIFT: "The staff at Latitude Varsity would like to assist Sizwe to achieve his goals and realize his dream by accepting him at Latitude Varsity as a full-time student to complete a two year International Diploma in Marketing .." [Read more]

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• Ceres / Koue Bokkeveld

Our Social Responsibility project currently encompasses Career Guidance to school learners in Ceres / Koue Bokkeveld to assist them in choosing the right career path according to their interests.

We also offer Career Consolidation for people in the workplace who wish to diversify in their career path.

** See our FREE Online Career Assessment - click here!

More projects to follow soon!

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