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English Language Placement Test

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Select the most appropriate answer for each question. Try to answer every question. This test should take about 30 minutes to complete.

1. What's name?

2. He's Australian Sydney.

3. Elizabeth's funny.

4. the time?

5. He like bananas.

6. They at work yesterday.

7. What you want?

8. What doing?

9. When to see the film?

10. never been to Africa.

11. Mercedes cars in Germany.

12. Where when Peter saw you yesterday?

13. If I'll give her the message.

14. What since we saw them last year?

15. Wine made in italy for thousands.

16. My dad smoke a lot.

17. Can you me your book tonight?

18. She was very in his story.

19. You come with us if you're tired.

20. I see her tomorrow, but I'm not sure.

21. is bad for your health.

22. I visited you if I'd known you were not feeling well.

23. She waiting for almost an hour when I arrived.

24. I wish you talk so much.

25. By the time we arrive .

26. The castle built in the eleventh century.

27. Remember me some fruit.

28. Whenever the bell rang our dog to the door.

29. She's an executive in .

30. We sold our car move to a better area.

31. He advised me a doctor.

32. I driving on the left like they do in Britain and Japan.

33. She didn't telephone me at the weekend. I wish that she .

34. I've got an important meeting and I need to .

35. Which would you have - tea or cofee?

36. My brother's started his first day at work. I wonder how he .

37. She told me that he didn't to share the room.

38. I've never that meaning for the word before.

39. It was such a difficult exam that the student .

40. You've finished the paper so now it's time to .

Use the word in brackets to complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

For example:

"I didn't borrow your pen" said Sam. (denied)

Sam denied having borrowed my pen.

41. He has been unemployed for some time. (out)
  He has been
42. It is forbidden to bring dogs in here. (allowed)
  Dogs in here.
43. We still went to the concert even though the weather was so bad. (despite)
  We still went to the concert so bad.
44. What are you doing here all by yourself? (own)
  What are you doing here all ?
45. I like the weekends because I can choose not to go to work. (have)
  I like the weekends because I to go to work.

Read the following passage and then complete it by typing the most suitable word, from the list provided, in each of the blank spaces.


The four-strong crew brought back with them three International Space Station residents, two of had clocked up more six months in space. The craft had carrying enough fuel and supplies to stay in orbit Thursday. "It's great to back to planet earth," astronaut Dan Birch told Mission Control after landing.

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